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The Silent Crisis: Stress and Burnout

In a world where mental health is increasingly discussed, the reality for many Australian workers is stark. According to a recent study by GoodHabitz, a staggering 81% of the Australian workforce is grappling with stress and burnout, a figure that surpasses the global average of 73%. This silent crisis is not just a personal issue but a significant concern for businesses and the economy.

The Impact on Workforce Retention

The University of Melbourne's 2023 State of Future of Work Report highlights the severe impact of stress and burnout on workforce retention. Among prime-aged workers (25-55 years old), one-third have considered quitting their jobs due to these pressures. Dr. Brendan Churchill, a co-author of the report, notes that high rates of fatigue and exhaustion among younger and middle-aged workers are driving this trend.

The Communication Gap

One of the critical findings from the GoodHabitz study is the significant communication gap between employees and management regarding mental health. Over half of global employees choose to confront their stress and burnout in isolation, without seeking support from their supervisors. This lack of open dialogue exacerbates the problem, as employees feel unsupported and disconnected.

The Potential of AI to Alleviate Stress

Amidst this challenging landscape, AI presents a promising solution. AI can automate routine tasks, enhance efficiency, and provide analytical insights, potentially reducing the workload and stress on employees. However, the benefits of AI are contingent on proper training and implementation.

The AI Skills Gap

A study commissioned by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and prepared by Access Partnership reveals a significant AI skills gap in Australia. While 90% of employers anticipate using AI-related solutions by 2028, 73% of employers and 76% of workers are unaware of available AI training programs. This lack of knowledge is a major barrier to harnessing AI's full potential.

The Benefits of AI Training

For workers, acquiring AI skills can lead to substantial benefits. The AWS study found that workers who gain AI expertise could see their pay increase by 29% or more. Additionally, AI can help create a more inclusive workforce, with even older workers showing interest in upskilling to stay competitive.

The Path Forward

To address stress and burnout effectively, it is crucial to bridge the AI skills gap. Employers need to invest in AI training programs and create clear career development paths for workers. Promoting awareness about the benefits of AI and the available training opportunities can help workers leverage AI to improve their job efficiency and satisfaction.


Stress and burnout are pervasive issues in the Australian workforce, but AI offers a potential solution. By investing in AI skills training and fostering open communication about mental health, employers can create a more supportive and productive work environment. As we move towards 2028, the integration of AI into daily work routines could significantly alleviate stress and enhance overall wellbeing.

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Who is Ted Deane, and why is he leading the workshop?

Ted Deane is an experienced professional in the field of AI and Prompt Engineering, known for his innovative approach to technology education. Leading this workshop, Ted brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience, aiming to make complex AI concepts accessible to beginners. His passion for AI and dedication to teaching are central to providing an engaging and informative experience for all participants.

How do I cancel my attendance and request a refund?

If you need to cancel your attendance, you can request a full refund up to one week before the workshop. Please contact us through the email provided during registration to initiate the cancellation process

What is the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

Our commitment to your learning is paramount. If, after participating in our workshop, you find that your expectations haven't been met, we encourage you to reach out to us. We'll discuss your specific concerns and offer a tailored solution to ensure your satisfaction. This may include access to another session or a short one-on-one session to address your specific needs. Our goal is to provide a solution that truly enriches your learning experience.

Will there be any practical exercises during the workshop?

Yes, the workshop includes practical exercises where you'll apply what you've learned by crafting your own prompts. These activities are designed to reinforce the theory and give you hands-on experience with prompt engineering.

Can I access workshop materials after it ends?

Participants will have access to workshop materials for a limited time after the session ends. This allows you to review what you've learned at your own pace and continue practicing prompt engineering.

How can I continue learning about AI and Prompt Engineering after the workshop?

We're dedicated to supporting your ongoing learning journey in AI and Prompt Engineering. After completing the workshop, you'll have the opportunity to join our community where you can access additional resources, participate in follow-up sessions, and connect with fellow enthusiasts. We also provide guidance on further courses and materials to help you deepen your knowledge and skills in the field.

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